Hello There!

To keep things simple, and without boring anyone to death (I hope!)  Graphic Models is a concept which I created in 2007  during my time on facebook. 

GM is  a 'spin off' from the main AMC online community which was established in 2002 for those that remember us from chat.msn.com (more or less a hobby-project  run by the community)

Creating artwork/graphics for the community, which later expanded further for those on facebook - uploaded to a Facebook group

I quit using facebook  mid 2008 (old account/ID was closed)

Later on, I joined the Youtube  community (October 2008) where I started creating graphical translated videos (roughly over 300 videos!) first of it's kind!

I Re-joined facebook  October 2012 - The old FB group has now been scrapped, and a fresh new FB page has been launched since December 2012.

Currently Specialising in graphics, flyers, prints, airbrushing, logo's, banners, cards,  web design / web-hosting / video editing and much much more!

The purpose of GM is to create a platform for all types of graphical artwork created from various raw images. 

Whether your  a model, or the average Joe  - I work with all types of photogenic/good quality non-blurry images. 

I currently freelance and would prefer to keep it that way....My work is unique, my designs are unique!


                                                                          ...Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work!


'Man asked sculptor how you make idols from stone. He replied idols and images are already hidden there, I remove unwanted stone only.'

Updated: 12/09/13