Welcome to Graphic Models

What is a Graphic Model? 
Graphic Designs are created exclusively using images submitted by you or collected by me through various sources. All designs are created exclusively; they may appear to have the same design, style etc yet each design is created individually for a unique customised effect. No templates or online software is used.

What is the purpose of such designs? 
These images are then created into custom designs, banners, logos, headers, wallpapers; they are then showcased on our various networks & projects with your permission of course (view the show case on the right).

Or you can have custom creations created for you. For your own personal use, such as portfolios, website, gifts, greeting cards....Whatever you decide!    Read more...


Comments / Suggestions

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News & Events

- Networking Directory Added- 1st March 2014

- Facebook comment box added - February 26th 2014

- Facebook page Now updated - 12 August 2013     Read more...